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Sourcing model that solves your toughest challenges:

Hire the Top 15% of Environmental Science, Engineering, Mining, Construction and Resources Professionals for South Africa, Canada, America, Australia & UK by using a tried and tested system with expert consultants that are professional, personal and passionate to deliver.

The 12 Step Talent Delivery System guarantees Success

We created the “12 step Hero Talent Delivery System” to consistently deliver outstanding, predictable hiring outcomes. Most importantly we know the Environmental, Project, Engineering and large capital project industry intimately and are constantly connecting to the professionals in this market using digital strategies that work. We know how the client recruitment and candidate process fits together so we can make an excellent match quickly.  So whatever your talent need is in the specialist industries we serve, you can make it happen and take the frustration out of the process.

Executive Search & Retained Search Division :

The Executive Search & Retained Search Division provides Exclusive, Executive and Retained Search services. If you require senior management and skilled professionals such as MDs, Directors, Technical Directors and Senior  Engineers or specialist skills and you need to source the best talent with professional discreteness and confidentiality then this is the best recruitment option.

This service provides absolute focus from our Search division and includes significant market research into the potential candidates in the market. To allow for the focused search and cover the costs of the market research the client company pays a portion of the recruitment fee up front once the job requirements have been discussed and agreed. The remaining fee is totally success based and is payable when the successful person has signed and starts at the company.

Retained Search is a true partnership since the client and Search consultant are fully committed to the successful placement. This is a very successful and efficient method to source high calibre staff.

Retained and Executive Search reduces the total costs of recruitment by reducing:

  • The lost time and cost of non-production of not having the right person.
  • The longer it takes to fill the post the greater the potential loss to the business.
  • The cost of unnecessary time spent by senior staff and organisational staff on recruitment processes.
  • Retained search is very effective in reducing wasted time on unsuitable applicants and getting posts filled.

Talent Advance Search Division has sourced MD’s, Operational Directors, Supply Chain Experts, Country Managers and other senior staff.  Please contact us if you are considering these expert sourcing services.

Project & Bulk Recruitment Division:

The Project & Bulk Recruitment Division provides recruitment services that are tailored for:

  • Project and construction staff
  • Bulk recruitment for start-up companies
  • Bulk recruitment for new operations

In projects and construction skilled resources are often required at short notice since service delivery / construction needs to happen quickly once the order is finalized. Often entire teams need to be sourced. Talent Advance is skilled at delivering project teams and operations staff and have delivered such services for new operations and projects in Africa and South Africa.
Starting a new division / branch / operation / company often requires the recruitment of numerous personnel. We are skilled at sourcing the right people that fit the culture. Please contact us if you are considering these sourcing services.

Contingency Division:

The Contingency Division provides recruitment services that are only paid for on successful placement of the candidate. Clients often select a few agents to service a recruitment need but only the agent that makes a successful placement gets paid, the others effectively  worked for free. The implication for clients is that the depth of search in contingency recruitment is limited by the risk. The client gets full time focus on their specs for a much shorter period than can be done in Retained or Exclusive search simply because the recruiter has to generate income and cannot put all their eggs in one basket.

Contingency recruiters typically service a number of specs at once. Specialized Recruiters that focus on specific industries and disciplines are most effective since they have numerous clients that look for the same candidates. This is a common recruitment agreement and Talent Advance has been very successful in serving numerous clients using this contractual agreement. If the contingency search can be exclusive then the risk to the recruiter is less and they can put additional focused time into the search. Exclusive contingency is therefore recommended.

Outsourced and Contract Staff Solutions:

Outsourced and Contract Staff Solution the clients require typically include:

  • Contract Staff / Payroll Management and Labour Broking
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Talent Advance staff have solid experience in providing contract staff to EPCM and Engineering companies. To provide a world class service in outsourced and contract staff solutions Talent Advance has elected to partnered with a well-established (over 10 years) payroll administrator and contract hire solution provider. They have been servicing oil & gas shut downs, construction companies and manufacturing operations with technical and construction staff for many years and are geared up to provide staff all over Africa (e.g. Mozambique, DRC, Zambia etc). They have numerous clients in the Construction Industry, specifically relevant to the Refining, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Sugar, Port and Shutdown Sectors. In addition they also provide Sales, Driver, General Worker, Call Centre & Merchandising contract staff. They primarily source staff from South Africa, Africa and India and have offices in South Africa and India.

Specialized Divisions in Talent Advance:

To best service your needs our consultants focus on specific disciplines so that they develop specific expertise and understanding in their allocated disciplines. In Talent Advance our consultants have focused disciplines that they service across industries.

These are:

  • Executive and Search (Management and Senior Staff)
  • Environmental
  • Construction & Projects
  • Engineering


Services and fees are tailored to client needs based on the specific needs, search difficulty and the volumes required.  Call us to discuss your needs and we can present the optimum solution based on your needs.
All permanent recruitment options typically come with a 3 month guarantee subject to timely payment of fees.
Please contact us to discuss your vacancies and the best recruitment solution. We look forward to your call. Contact Mark Steenhoff (Director / Head Hunter, MSc Engineer) on or 011 781 5417

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