Key Differentiators

* The best candidates – Proven track record in achieving this
* Cover the whole market in our niche areas – We have already mapped it. We are highly specialized
* High caliber delivery guaranteed – We have a proven 12 Step Talent Sourcing system that delivers
* Speed – Our high tech digital tools and expert consultants are constantly building relationship, connecting and presenting the best opportunities to the top candidates
* Professional and expert consultants – Specialist consultants that know your market and the best candidates
* Peace of mind – Proven systems and have been in business over 7 years
* Value at a fair price – Excellent retention


What our clients say that makes us different :

Are you looking to grow profitably, with less staff hassle?
We facilitate “less staff hassle” growth by providing the best Talent that fits your culture.

Here is what our clients have to say about what makes us different:

a) What we DO:

“Talent Advance understands what we want and always delivers” Oil & Gas ProjectsHR Chief

“Talent Advance stands out because of the quality of candidates presented” ConstructionDirector

“I want to positively reinforce the fact that your company’s recruitment system is built on a platform of strong technical and engineering qualifications, experience, understanding and skills.” Manufacturing Director

“Talent Advance’s key differentiator that stands out for me is efficiency” Fibre OpticsManaging Director

“Talent Advance stands out because of its industry and company specific knowledge… Keep doing what you do!!!!” Mineral Processing EPCMHR & Recruitment

“Talent Advance gets a definite YES for passion for recruitment and understanding our business– we have a long term relationship.” Oil & Gas ProjectsHR Chief

“Service Experience with Talent Advance has been better than other recruiters since Talent Advance has taken initiative to understand the business and form relationships” Construction CorporateTalent Management & Recruitment Manager

b) What we DON’T do:

“Talent Advance does not ‘sell’ me a candidate who does not meet the job specification. This recruitment practice wastes everyone’s time and is very frustrating. Talent Advance understands what we want and always delivers” Oil & Gas EPCMHR Chief

“Talent Advance does not randomly send a lot of CV’s without understanding the need and allowing us to follow our process first before consulting an agency” Construction CorporateTalent Management & Recruitment Manager

“A lot of recruitment companies have people with a more of a general and admin approach to recruitment, and battle to understand specifically technical and engineering recruitments, and hence submit a lot of CV’s which have not been properly screened and filtered by them, prior to submitting the CV’s to us. A lot of times we give the Recruitment company a detailed job profile in terms of minimum qualifications, minimum experience in years etc., in terms of what we want, but then they still send CV’s to us not conforming to our requirements. Talent Advance does not do this.” Manufacturing Director

c) Recruitment success comes from

We believe Search and Recruitment success comes when the following is in place:

  • Passionate and competent Search Consultants that are specialists in the industry and disciplines that they service
  • Great systems that facilitate quality service delivery – quickly and efficiently
  • Caring about people and being able to identify and develop talent
  • Building long term relationships with clients and candidates
  • Expert skills in sourcing, negotiating and selling real value honestly and ethically
  • Doing everything  professionally and passionately

If you want Talent and culture focus plus passion to find and place the right person then we can make magic happen. It’s hard work but we love to get the best fit for both our clients and the professionals we service. We look forward to working with you.