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It’s best to let our clients do the talking. Here is what they have to say about our:


“I recommend Talent Advance for Executive Search and sourcing Specialist Staff as these skills are scarce and need to be head hunted” Construction CorporateTalent Management & Recruitment Manager

“We are extremely satisfied with the speed and quality of applicants sourced and managed in the executive search process… The investment in the Executive / Retained service was well worth it…The candidate and company match, which is of imperative value, has been hugely successful.” MiningFinancial Director

“Good delivery, understanding the business and the types of projects Engineering & Construction is part of. It shows since you are able to deliver quality candidates.” Construction CorporateTalent Management & Recruitment Manager

“Talent Advance regularly follows up on CV’s and Interviews. They communicate regularly on job specs and have a quick response with CV’s” Bulk Materials Handling Projects HR Manager

“Service is always good. Professional with a touch of humour……. Keeping it real. Good values and morals provide the foundation to Talent-Advance. Everything else builds on this.” Mineral Processing ProjectsHR & Recruitment

“We recommend Talent Advance for technical recruitment” Oil and Gas Project Company

“Your specialized recruitment approach adds value” Construction Corporate

“Being more technical, you ask the right questions when it comes to recruitment, and therefore can align potential candidates better to our needs… You understand our business and our needs. A lot of recruitment companies have people with a more of a general and admin approach to recruitment, and battle to understand specifically technical and engineering recruitments, and hence submit a lot of CV’s which have not been properly screened and filtered by them, prior to submitting the CV’s to us.” Manufacturing Director

“Talent Advance specialization added value. You understood the requirements within different divisions of our company.” TelecomsManaging Director

“Talent Advance are Engineering Specialists, with a detailed understanding of our business and technical needs. I recommend them for all disciplines of Engineering and Project Management Staff.” Mineral Processing ProjectsHR & Recruitment

“I recommend Talent Advance for sourcing specialist project construction staff. They have a good understanding of construction engineering requirements and staff positions.” Power GenerationDirector

“Talent Advances’ service is friendly, efficient and they are interested in our success” Oil & Gas ProjectsHR Chief

“Good quality candidates and speed of service” Construction Corporate

“Great personalized service. You were positive and proactive. You were efficient in finding people for us with short notice. Quality of candidates was generally high.” TelecomsManaging Director

“Talent Advance gets a definite YES for passion for recruitment and understanding our business– we have a long term relationship.” Oil & Gas ProjectsHR Chief

“Service Experience with Talent Advance has been better than other recruiters since Talent Advance has taken initiative to understand the business and form relationships” Construction CorporateTalent Management & Recruitment Manager

“We recommend Talent Advance and are happy with the level of service. They clearly understand our business. We have a good working relationship and I see it continuing.” Mineral Processing EPCMHR Director

“I am happy to recommend Mark from Talent Advance. I have had a long term working relationship with him and he always gives me a sense of comfort and confidence that he is only a phone call away.” Mineral Processing EPCMHR & Recruitment

“The investment in the Executive / Retained service was well worth it…The candidate and company match, which is of imperative value, has been hugely successful.” MiningFinancial Director

“Talent Advance does save us time and energy as we do not have to search for candidates” Bulk Materials Handling ProjectsHR Manager

“We have received quality candidates and they understanding the types of projects we do. That is an advantage.” Construction CorporateTalent Management & Recruitment Manager

“Appointing the right person, with the right qualifications and experience, in the right position, is of utmost importance to sustaining our business, in terms of continuous improvements and growth. I recommend Talent Advance specifically regarding technical and engineering-recruitment since you have strong engineering background and skills. I want to positively reinforce the fact that your company’s recruitment system is built on a platform of strong technical and engineering qualifications, experience, understanding and skills.” AutomotiveManufacturing Director

“Generally the staff selected and employed from Talent Advance have been of a high caliber and have adapted successfully to our organisation” Power GenerationConstruction Director

“Values Talent Advance has shown us integrity, high performance and value of people” Oil & Gas EPCMHR Chief

“Your company’s core values are reflected in the service you provide, in terms of being professional and passionate in your dealings. Talent Advance has honesty, integrity and trust.” Manufacturing Director

“Honesty” TelecomsManaging Director

“Talent Advance values – They are great!” Mineral Processing EPCMHR & Recruitment


What does the wave in the TA  logo mean for you?

Clients and Individuals that we service are looking for:

  • Top Talent (Gold caliber candidates) that are
  • delivered consistently and reliably (as consistent as waves roll onto the shore)

We draw our inspiration from the biblical metaphor that many people together are like the sea. Search and recruitment can be very daunting just like looking out at the massive expanse of the sea.  There are so many people out there but you only want the key people that have the skills, experience and personality that you are looking for. Talent Advance is skilled and talented to source those staff and bring them to you.

Talent is written in gold to represent the God-given natural abilities that He has put inside people. The word “talent” started being used to describe people’s inherent abilities after Jesus told the story about gold coins called “talents” being used wisely and bringing a return.  He encouraged people to make the most of what they had been given and to take calculated risks to get a return. We believe the greatest gold is that which is within. It takes courage and belief to develop talent. We wish to assist companies and professionals to take the best and most rewarding Talent Journey.

Talent Stories – Why Talent Focus is so important for growth and success

We believe that everyone has inherent talent. Life challenges each of us to identify what we are really good at, what deeply interests us and how we can apply ourselves to add value in society. Where your interests, talents and the worlds needs meet – that is your destiny!

The greatest gift that we can give is ourselves. When we realize that we have something that is really valuable and it can make a difference to those around us and provide for our needs – that realization gives us a lasting motivation and a passion to succeed. We look for people that have found deep internal motivation.

Life is definitely too short to not be doing what you are good at.  However, opportunities to maximize our talents are not always so easy to find. Opportunities are a vital ingredient in everyone’s talent story. That is why Talent Advance is so passionate about finding the best opportunities available and the right talent for each of those posts. We want the right people to fit the opportunity so that it is a great match for the company and the candidate.

Our MD’s Talent Story –

Here is a practical example of how Talent thinking helped someone find his purpose in life and gave him the courage to make a career change after 10 years of building his career. Here is our MD’s Career story in his own words:

“Career growth is not an easy road. My journey to date has had some tough decisions and some big risks. Prior to recruitment I worked for 10 years as an Engineer and Project Manager and people often ask why I shifted into recruitment? As a fellow career traveler – here’s my story…

In my last 6 years in Engineering I became increasingly involved in tendering and negotiating  work. I really enjoyed putting teams together, developing the strategy, costing, writing up and negotiating the deals. The challenge was that once I won the work I had to do it! I did it fine but project implementation took +85% of my time. I just did not feel I was operating at my optimum and fully using my talent to put deals together and win work.

I then read a challenging quote by John L Mason that shook my paradigm: “Growth comes from building on talents, gifts and strengths – not solving problems”. Doing the engineering work was definitely solving problems for me. Winning work was fun, not work. What was my talent? I realized my passion and talent was deal making and selling. Two tips that helped me determine my talents were:
1.  What we enjoy is often our talent; and
2.  What is productive and easy for us is what we are made for.

Hurdle number one for me was to identify my talent and shift from a well-rounded professional /degree mindset to a talent mindset. Forget the problems, focus on my talent.

The second hurdle was to find out where I should apply my deal making / selling ability. I thought it would be in Engineering, property or finance. The last option in my mind was technical recruitment. Actually I did visit a finance recruiter and it was a total waste of time, so being a recruiter was not even in my mind.

I started hunting for the right opportunity where I could focus on sales and deal making and replied to adverts on the internet. Not getting much of a response I saw an advert for a technical recruiter so I thought, “Why not? It’s a sales job. Let’s give it a go”. I got the job BUT taking it took guts. The consequences of taking a commission earning role would be:
1.  My basic salary would halve
2.  My wife was pregnant with our second kid so we were under pressure to provide
3.  I had to leap from a Professional Engineer to a salesman and
4.  My Mom & Dad were very wary (big risk and status reduction!)

I was crazy enough to go for it (and my wife crazy enough to trust me). The rest is history. I’ve been doing Search and Specialist Recruiting for over 8 years now and it has been great and Talent focused thinking is helping more and more people. I really enjoy applying my sales talent in the people realm. It is so motivating for me to assist people in advancing their careers by being TALENT FOCUSSED.

Key Talent Thinking lessons that I learnt from this life experience are:
1.  The top career builder tip is ”Identify what you are good at and do it”. Know your TALENT.
2.  Position yourself where you spend most of your time doing what you are talented in.
3.  Let go of trying to be well rounded (unless that is your talent) and go for the sweet spot
4.  Use your talent where your interests lie
5.  Reading can change your life

That was just the start of my Talent focused journey. Since them I have been blessed to have the opportunity to help many people in their talent journey. Our influence is increasing significantly as Talent Advance grows and we are seeing more and more companies and people being helped by a Talent focused approach. I encourage you to embrace a Talent Focused way of thinking and to be courageous in applying it. It works.”

Networking Partners

Stoakley-Stewart – network partner based in Toronto, Canada. Specialists recruiters and head hunters with over 40 years’ experience in the Canadian and US market.

Rosstone / Highveld PFS – partner for payroll and contract services in South Africa and Africa


BBBEE rating and Empowerment

Talent Advance is a level 4 BBBEE supplier. Please mail us and we will supply our certificate. We apply Talent development principles in all that we do and are always looking to further empower and develop our staff.

Giving Back

Talent Advance believes in giving back to the community and supports recognised NGOs and public benefit organisations. We currently provide monthly support to:






The Rivers Foundation was established in 2006 with a heart to help people. It was registered with the specific aim of addressing the unique challenges faced by the children, youth, unemployed and unskilled individuals in South African communities. All donations received are used to help our many beneficiaries – nothing goes towards operational costs.

The Rivers Foundation exists to be a helping hand to disadvantaged families and strives to strengthen communities through feeding schemes, coaching and mentoring, skills training and enterprise development.

Please click this link ( and see if you would like to support their many worthy projects.